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One of the most arduous tasks for freelancers is finding sites and contractors who will hire you to use your hard-earned skills. This article will help! I’ve compiled a list of three websites eager to pay for your writing.


Link-able is a fairly new site launched in 2018. Link-Able is a job board focused on connecting high-quality authors with high-quality clients. The site focuses on building backlinks for clients via guest posting, but allows other jobs.

Link-Able has an application process, but hunting for jobs on the site is free. They take a cut of your profits from every…

Netflix’s new family film takes a surprisingly nuanced look at technology

Pal (Olivia Coleman) Image: Netflix

Netflix’s new movie The Mitchells vs the Machines is brilliant. The animated family film is a chaotic swirl of creative energy and quirky characters. The movie’s a joy to watch, but it also has some great thematic material. Set during the robot uprising, The Mitchells vs the Machines follows the dysfunctional Mitchell family as they try to prevent the AI Pal (Olivia Coleman) from launching humanity into space.

The Mitchells make a great cast of main characters, but today I want to look at the antagonist. Pal is the AI who oversees the uprising, turning machine against man. When I…

Thank you for reading Tears in Rain! I appreciate it. For those of you who don’t know, this publication is connected to my YouTube channel of the same name. Extra essays come here, but I want to open the publication to anybody who wants to write for it.

Tears In Rain is dedicated to story, primarily works of fiction. If you have a relevant story that matches our guidelines below, submit your user name and unpublished draft link to Unpublished stories are preferred.


First and foremost, a story must come first. I’m willing to be flexible on…

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When I first came to Medium, it felt amazing. I’d tried writing on a similar site in the past called Vocal, but never really got there. I couldn’t get into the swing of it, no matter how hard I tried. I told myself I wanted views, but my views here on Medium haven’t been all that better. Medium is just fun. It has more articles I want to read, it feels like it encourages me to write more, and I love the community offered here.

Shortly after arriving, however, I heard whispers of Medium dying. I didn’t think much of…

Amelia True. Image: HBO Max

*Spoilers ahead for The Nevers*

The newest episode of The Nevers picked up right where the last left off with the murder of Mary. The plot raced ahead in “Undertaking.” Mundi captured Maladie, Lord Massen finally showed his hand, and we learned that Lucy, one of Amelia’s closest confidants, was a traitor.

But what we learned about Amelia was the most interesting part of all. Amelia’s past has remained a mystery throughout the show. In the pilot, the only glimpse we caught of her life before the story’s events suggested that she was a servant. …

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It’s easy to find troves of writing-related quotes on the internet. These little tidbits can be inspirational or helpful or engaging, but there’s so much more out there. I’ve compiled three non-writing related quotes that are nonetheless motivating for aspiring writers.

The first quote comes from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The 2019 film is the best entry in the army of Spider-Man adaptions we’ve seen in years and has a very powerful quote related to writing:

Miles Morales: How will I know I’m ready?

Peter B. Parker: You won’t. It’s a leap of faith. That’s all it is, Miles. …

How do you raise the stakes after killing half the universe? That may be the biggest challenge facing Phase Four of the MCU. Thanos was the Avengers’ greatest threat, making the next step murky. The MCU is a unique property with unique challenges, but they always rise to answer them. The writers came up with a very simple answer to the above question: You don’t raise the stakes. You take your time.

Phase 4 has started with two brilliant television shows: Wandavision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Both shows might have their flaws but are brilliant entries back…

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I winged it when I started freelancing, and not in a good way. I romanticized the lifestyle. Making my own schedule and working in my pajamas. Only writing fulfilling articles on topics I cared about and, most importantly, finding independence from bosses and managers and the like. In truth, I found that freelancing — like any job — is well, work. Easier to romanticize than a 9–5 in an office perhaps but work all the same.

It’s easy for me to look at the past month and a half as a failure. I haven’t amounted to much of anything and…

Image: Disney+

The season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier wrapped up the story and answered the show’s biggest questions. Will Sam take up the shield? Is Karli going to win? And what is going to happen with John Walker? Some of these questions were open-ended while the others were completely answered. At the end of the day, it was a great finale that tied the various themes and characters.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the finale was Sam’s final showdown with Karli. The previous episode saw Karli taking her grandest action yet as she went after the GRC…

Catch more mistakes and improve readability

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Editing sucks. It’s one of the most grueling parts of writing and, unfortunately, one of the most needed. Editing is writing’s opposite. While writing creates, spreading your ideas across the blank page as words, editing is the act of killing those darlings.

In writing, you must kill all your darlings.

William Faulkner

But killing your darlings is necessary. Editing takes a messy, rambling first draft of tangents and awkward sentences and polishes it into a well-written article that your audience falls in love with. They’ll maybe even give a clap or comment.

Editing makes your ideas cohesive and gives…

Andy Walser

Andrew Walser is a freelancer writer and former barista who edits the Tears In Rain publication and runs its associated YouTube channel.

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